"Set controls for the heart of the sun and breathe":

Overhead the albatross
hangs motionless upon the air,
and deep beneath the rolling waves
in labyrinths of coral caves,
an echo of a distant time
comes willowing across the sand
and everything is green and submarine.

And no one called us to the land,
and no one knows the where´s or why´s,
something stirs and something tries
starts to climb towards the light.

PINK FLOYD, Echoes 1971.

The IN NATURA VERITAS philosophy represents a concept revolving around the principal values in the nature surrounding us, in its regularities and functioning, and highlights the importance of the protection of nature. The concept IN NATURA VERITAS is an intellectual property of the adventure agency MAKO Adventures, as well as its commitment to adopt corresponding approach and priorities in the realisation of its activities in the present and in the future. This ecological aspect directs the character of respective outdoor activities offered by our agency.

Albert Einstein: "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."


"There’s no planet B"

In the context of the 21st century, this concept encourages the return of people to inherent and principal values. Those are embedded in a positive approach to the nature around us. This philosophical concept stems from the premise that all of us – inhabitants of this planet, are part of one whole. And that is why our planet should not be ill-treated. On the contrary, by creating a positive attitude towards nature, by acknowledging her principles, and by spending more time doing various activities in nature’s embrace, this philosophy leads to environmental protection and sustainable development on our planet. The motto of the concept IN NATURA VERITAS is "There is no planet B". Evoking happiness in the heart of nature and the joy from nature are basic conditions for reaching the philosophy’s goal – developing a true respect for our planet and an effort expressed by responsible behaviour and care to leave the planet as healthy as possible for future generations.

The concept IN NATURA VERITAS is aiming to fulfill this ambition through:

-sports activities in nature while respecting the need for environmental protection, -educational activities about the need for environmental protection, -setting an example to others by our own actions, -volunteering, possibly also fundraising, -other beneficial activities.

The concept IN NATURA VERITAS as one of the key tools for raising people’s awareness utilises also the principle of reciprocity, described below by one of the founders.


A few words from the founders

When the joy and purpose of work motivate and drive

Lucia a Marián Kopeckí

"We live IN nature, we live FROM nature, we are part of nature. Nature is a set and rich table, but also a teacher of humility and a stage of splendid experiences. Along with her infinite power she at times unveils also her frailty. This does not mean though that we should keep her conserved, on the contrary, we should spend in nature as much time as we can. At the same time, we should honour, respect and protect her like the apple of one’s eye for future generations."

"We believe that once people get more out in nature, and become active, honour and respect towards her will grow and deepen. For example, if they replace Black Friday spent in a shopping centre for a Green Friday spent somewhere in nature. And as a small hint how to impart this philosophy to people we would like to mention the principle of reciprocity – we cannot only take, we also need to give back. It is like going to a long awaited movie in the cinema – I may enjoy it to the fullest, but I also need to pay for my ticket. It does not take much to reward the nature for a beautiful experience such as a dive, kayaking or a hike with collecting a bag of trash at the beach or in the forest. All the more these days, when such a bag is full within 5 minutes."