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About us

Who are we?

Outdoor adventures hunters

I bow deeply to dense forests,

I dearly rejoice over the sunshine,

I would like the ocean to be my grave,

And I am torn down by storms. I bitterly love the human.
JOSEF KAINAR, 1917-1971.

We are a married couple from Slovakia and have been living in Northern Dalmatia for the past 6 years. We are outdoor adventures hunters. We love to move, we love nature and what she has to offer in this corner of the world is pure gem and beauty in multiple stages – in water, on earth and in the air. This is why it eventually came about as a completely natural idea to combine our love of local nature with our livelihood, and start an agency through which we can share the beauty with our clients. Not on one but several levels of outdoor activities (check the section Outdoor Activities). We offer knowledge of the local area, professionalism, safety, personalised approach, and, of course, loads of fun and a great deal of experiences. On top of this we strive to focus our activities towards environmental protection keeping in mind the ecological aspect (see also IN NATURA VERITAS Concept and A Few Words from the Founders).

Where are we?

Why Tribunj and Northern Dalmatia


Northern Dalmatia is a coastal and seaside region of Croatia spreading from the mountain range Velebit to the cape Planka below Primošten and Rogoznica. Unlike the northern coast of Croatia (Kvarner, Istria), its latitude and geomorphological barrier created by the Velebit range bless the region with a higher number of sunny days, stable weather and typical Mediterranean flora. Besides abundant nature attractions, the region is rich also in cultural and historical monuments, and due to its geographical location make it an advantageous combination of distance and options how to actively spend free time for a big proportion of Europeans.

The Northern Dalmatia is compounded by two counties – the Zadar county and the Šibenik-Knin county. It happens that the Šibenik-Knin county is the only one in Croatia that can pride itself with two national parks – the Kornati National Park and the Krka National Park, as well as the Vrana Lake nature park. Along with the Paklenica National Park and the nature parks Telaščica and Velebit, the Northern Dalmatia represents a treasure chest with probably the biggest count of nature gems Croatia has to offer.


Located on the coast of the Northern Dalmatia, in the Šibenik-Knin county between the island Murter and the town Vodice and the city Šibenik, Tribunj is a stone village with a rich history of fishing. Being part of the so called Šibenik Riviera, it is surrounded by stunning nature, crystal clear sea, a number of bays and bigger and smaller islands, most of which are uninhabited.

Tribunj village, Tribunj county and the whole Northern Dalmatia region offer excellent conditions for diverse outdoor activities, from swimming, diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding to cycling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or ‘just’ classic trekking. Moreover, Tribunj it is just a stone’s throw away from the bigger, more buzzing and commercial Vodice, or the historical and ancient Šibenik.

The fishing village Tribunj is thus a convenient entrance gate to the world of nature which also offers accessible infrastructure, shops, entertainment or monuments. Every day you can take trips to the Kornati National Park, the Krka National Park, including the stunning Čikola river canyon or the Vrana lake nature park. Nature lovers are a stone throw away also from other beauties of the Northern Dalmatia – the Paklenica national park which is a heaven for climbers or deep canyon seeking tourists, the Telaščica nature park with the salty lake Mir and the massive perpendicular cliffs towering above the open Adriatic Sea, "Winnetou’s" river Zrmanja (with its Krupa inflow) and its enormous canyon, multiple cascades and waterfalls, Dinara (1,831 m asl) – the highest peak in Croatia, the waterfall of the Krčič river (Topoljski buk), and last but not least, the breathtaking Cetina river spring, overseen by a picturesque old Croatian church from the 9th century, and the wild Cetina river itself.

The Tribunj village with its long history dating back to the 13th century (Jurijevgrad) and the 15th century (Tribohunj) is now a home to the adventure agency MAKO Adventures. It offers us a calm, cosy, and yet excellent starting point for our exploring trips – be it under the sea level, on the sea level to desert islands and hidden beaches, through crystal clear rivers and their canyons inland, or foot or cycling tours. There is a plenty of beautiful cycling routes and hiking paths here.

Last but not least, the village Tribunj itself is an excellent holiday spot for people looking for peace, romantic moments and nice nature – it has a small but all the more picturesque stone historical centre on an island connected with the rest of the village and its seaside promenade full of restaurants and cafes by a stone bridge. All this below a photogenic hill with an old church. Tribunj has three completely different beaches – the beach Bristak behind the marine facing Vodice and corresponding to its style, the central village beach Zamalin below the hill with the church and with a pine grove, and the beach Sovlje at the end of the Tribunj village on the way towards Murter which prides itself with a deep bay resembling a small fjord and with a beautiful nature scene. Hence, despite being a small seaside village, Tribunj has a lot to offer. Besides mentioned Tribunj is also a dog friendly place with own dog beach. And if one does not mind driving on vacation, after a 15-minute drive in one direction they can enjoy the historical stone pearl of the Croatian coastline – the Slavic Šibenik, and within 15-minute drive in the other direction reach the Croatian Caribbean named Murter. Tribunj is simply a guarantee of a diverse and rich holiday.

What we offer

Activities in water, on earth, in the air:

Thanks to the plentiful possibilities of Tribunj and its surroundings, we offer a wide range of services:

-sport activities in nature, -gear rental, -guiding services, -trip organising services, and tailormade packages

and all these within the following outdoor sports activities (water/earth/air):

Our added value

& Knowledge of the area, unique offers and the best value for money for the client

We have been living in the Northern Dalmatia for already 6 years. Our agency provides selected outdoor activities or whole packages directly or through outsourcing, either in-house or through the best providers in the Šibenik region. It goes without saying that we provide a reliable logistical support, professional and expert consulting and personalised approach. All this for reasonable prices, and along a wide range of supplementary services. In other words,  you can enjoy the beauties of small Tribunj as a holiday destination, and simultaneously take advantage of our agency’s diverse and high quality services that fill in the gaps. What you as our clients should know is that we are a mini-agency that prioritises quality to quantity. Due to the number of our staff, as well as space and vehicle capacities, we are able to host and take care of maximum eight people in one rotation. This allows us to apply a maximally personalised approach, be available on the phone or in person (Tribunj is small enough), offer tailorized outdoor program and serve the clients the desired quality we can pride ourselves with at the end of the day.