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MAKO Adventures also offers

additional support and activities, which fill up entire scope of sporting services for people, who decided to spend their leisure time in the nature and in an active way. We offer the providing of logistic and transport (we are focusing on local transport in Dalmatia), intermediation and arrangement of accommodation with purpose to bring good price/quality ratio for clients, and we also offer the possibility to enrich the holiday by other activities "from different cup of tea" as well. We offer the possibility to participate on language camps, to arrange sport camps, "burn-out" programs for burned out people or activities related to sightseeings or gastronomy in our nothern Dalmatian region.


We drive you wherever needed:

We provide local transportation in Dalmatia to the sites of the outdoor activities, and possibly rides from/to nearby airports. In exceptional cases and upon request we provide tour transportation from the residence address/country of the client. The transportation is provided in a new, modern and comfortable 9 seats microbus FORD Transit Worker 9, year of manufacture 2019. This microbus is modified and adjusted for outdoor activities.


We offer a comfortable transportation for you and your equipment to the sites of outdoor activities in the Northern Dalmatia and near the village Tribunj. We know the region like the palm of our hand and we will make sure you arrive in the corresponding locations comfortably, quickly, safely and most importantly, in a good mood.

The starting point is the MAKO Adventures office at Put Male Gospe 3 in Tribunj, where we also return after each trip. Transportation to accommodation facilities can also be provided.

Price list:

As the transportation of clients is included in providing outdoor activities, expenses pertaining to fuel, personnel (driver), vehicle amortization, as well as highway, bridge and tunnel tolls, and possible parking fees are already projected in the price lists of the respective outdoor activities offered by us.

For groups of clients we can provide also transportation FROM and TO the NEARBY AIRPORTS in Zadar and Split (Trogir). Both are about 50 – 60 km distant from the village Tribunj. The prices are calculated upon request. Transportation from/to the train or bus station in Šibenik is also available.


TOUR TRANSPORTATION – in exceptional cases:

In exceptional cases and upon request from a group of clients we can provide a comfortable transportation for you and your luggage from Bratislava, Slovakia to Tribunj, Croatia. The route followed is Bratislava – Hungary – Croatia. Under ideal conditions (fluent traffic, optimal weather conditions) and counting with three 15-minute breaks, the journey takes approximately 9 hours.

Possibility of pick-up rides from other towns to Bratislava is subject to agreement, as well as the possibility of departure from Brno/Praha (CZ), Vienna (AT), or Budapest (HU).

Provision of such type of tour transportation is conditioned by purchase of outdoor services packages offered by our agency, as transportation of clients is strictly limited to our primary scope of activity – realisation of outdoor sports activities. For this reason, the clients are requested to submit a non-refundable payment for the chosen outdoor activities services in the stated minimum value. The payment is non-refundable and the services must be used within the respective rotation. Prices for the transportation are stated upon request, negotiation and agreement.

Price for a one way trip Bratislava-Tribunj per microbus:
510 EUR and above

The price includes all expenses related to the transportation from Bratislava to Tribunj: fuel expenses, personnel (driver), vehicle amortization, highway toll. Hence, this is an overall price for a one way journey. Despite the 8+1 people capacity of the microbus, due to the length of the journey we suggest this transportation is used by maximum 6 people for absolute comfort providing. In such case the price per person for a one way trip is 85 EUR. The price is adequately altered (on requirement) if a pick-up ride or departure from one of the aforementioned cities outside Slovakia is requested. Please, note once again, that this kind of transportation is offered only exceptionally and in relation with participation on our outdoor sports package. The price adjustment is reserved.


Verified accommodation options in quality locations:

We care that our clients in case of their interest receive a full package of services that help transform their vacation into an unforgettable experience – not only through enjoyable outdoor sports, but also through the comfort of quality accommodation. This is why we offer various accommodation options in the village of Tribunj, adopting the value for money principle helped by a thorough knowledge of the local area. We would like to highlight in advance that due to its character Tribunj lacks an offer of classic hotel chains with commercial hotel services (all inclusive, full board, etc.)

To be honest, we like the way it is, as it helps Tribunj keep its charm. Hence, we focus on studio and apartment types of accommodation in these parts of Tribunj:

-near the central beach, Pod Vrh promenade, old village on the island or below the church, -near the place where we ourselves live, or in the streets parallel to ours, so we can provide immediate assistance and flexibility when dealing with any issues (the location is 10 minutes walking distance to the sea and the central beach), -in quiet locations and streets so that the client has enough privacy and peace to rest well, -in places that are within walking distance to our MAKO Adventures office, which is located near the church in the outskirts of the village.

Concept and prices:

Our accommodation possibilities offer is based on personal attitude - you will contact us, and we will, based on our knowldege of your preferences and expectations, present proposal of appropriate facilities. These we are choosing after personal observation and meeting with owner focusing on reaching the best price/quality ratio. We offer possibillities, which you can also find on www.booking.com (plus other portals, or local facilities being not promoted on any portals as well), and after our proposal you can find the details on mentioned portal (including respective images, description of the location, capacity and the infrastructure and possibilities). From this reason there is no cattalogue on this site. We are offering these accommodation possibilities for prices lower or max.equal to prices referred in respective portal www.booking.com (The price adjustment is reserved). Our additional value is knowledge of local environment, making so-called "best of" from all choices, personal observation and meeting/communication with owner, and presence in Tribunj during your vacation time (and thus in case of any questions of yours helping and providing you with solutions, important information, recommendations, etc.).

Language camps

Adventure language school LEMON:

It is with great joy and pleasure that we are able to offer to our clients in Tribunj, Croatia also additional services in the form of English language camps delivered by experienced and skilled teachers from the adventure language school LEMON. Being our "parent" company, LEMON has been here for its students (hundreds of students) almost a decade now, enjoying popularity and positive referrals, and is one of the biggest language schools in Bratislava and Slovakia in general. You can learn more about the language camps at www.lemon-school.sk.

We will be more than happy if you take advantage of the opportunity to spend your vacation and free time in our new home in Croatia and spend it actively indeed – by enjoying the sun and the sea, and along with the wide range of outdoor activities you will also dedicate part of the day to mastering and enhancing your English. All the more if you can practice your skills right away in one of the stone restaurants on the Tribunj promenade on the island, while ordering coffee or a dish of sea food, or during a lecture on the historical importance of the Šibenik cathedral delivered in English.

Price list:

Check www.lemon-school.sk


Various activities:

In case of interest we offer the following additional activities to groups of clients (the price list is not included, as the respective activities will be subject to negotiation on the spot and factors such as the number of people, the length and extent of the lecture, refreshments, etc. or what kind of boot camps/sport training camps and its extent etc. will be taken into consideration. Naturally, eco-activities are an exception, and are offered completely charge-free, while our agency can provide charge-free equipment such as sticks, bags, gloves, etc.):


Boot and sport training camps, workshops, teambuildings, birthdayparties:

We are offering the support in the process of boot/sport training camps, teambuildings or workshops organization via intermediation and procurement of necessary services (respective activities, but also the accommodation, local logistic and transport incl possibility to be accompanied, leisure time organization, etc.). We are talking about training camps for sport activities such as triathlon, swimming, cycling, kayaking, diving or others, teambuildings for companies or groups of people. We do not forget also on those celebrating birtdayparties, which we can organize and enrich by adventurous experiences.

Educational and sightseeing activities:


To stay in Tribunj and not visit Šibenik would be an unforgivable sin. We offer an excursion around this beautiful historical city, which in our opinion can easily stand up to its counterpart the historical Dubrovnik, although it is not yet as discovered. We will guide you through the old centre, tell you something about the cultural landmarks including the St. Jakov cathedral or the forts guarding this city, we will teach you that Šibenik is the city of the Croatian king Krešimir, and of all Croatian historical gems it is the only Slavic historical city on the Croatian coastline of the Adriatic. It is also with our great pleasure, that in case of interest, this guided tour can be delivered in English by one of the amazing Lemon teachers, so that you can master your English in real life situations on your vacation. Of course, the city of Šibenik is just one of the examples, there are a lot more options.

Lectures on nature, travel and geographic presentations:

If interested, we can share more information about Croatia, Dalmatia, and their natural beauties, and interesting facts that you may not have known, while enjoying a cup of coffee or a good beer. Or perhaps you will be more interested in a movie screening about sharks and diving with them?

Environmental and ecologic activities:

Standing up for the idea and concept of the IN NATURA VERITAS (check the respective section) we offer:

-lectures on ecology, -tours in nature in the vicinity combined with cleaning the seaside, or cleaning sites in the inland Northern Dalmatia, -in case of interest from groups of licenced divers also undersea cleaning.

Realisation of the aforementioned activities is subject to the capacities of the agency and the agreement with the outdoor services suppliers, as well as other momentary conditions and circumstances.

Other experience-oriented activities:

Boat trips, authentic fishing with local fishermen, jeep safari:

We invite you on a trip by a taxi-boat around the coast and the Šibenik Archipelago, with more than 200 big and small islands, majority of which are uninhabited. There you can enjoy a Robinsonian solitude and take an undisturbed swim in crystal clear bays. Only six of the islands are inhabited and offer a peak into their interesting history that marked them with their characteristic features (island Zlarin – coral processing, Krapanj – sea sponge diving, Prvič – state protected traditional stone village architecture, legacy of the Šibenik nobility in Dalmatian style). Following Komiža on the Vis island, the village Tribunj is perhaps the second most legendary fishing village on the whole Croatian shore of the Adriatic Sea. It is no wonder that Tribunj coat of arms includes a fish alongside a donkey. Why not get up early and hit it off to the sea together with the local fishermen in their boat and experience their working day first hand? A guaranteed recipe for a great adventure (but we must first convince the local fishermen as they are sometimes as unpredictable as their fish catch). Or what about some personal experience with local spearfishing expert?

A boat trip (maximum 11 people) – up to 5 nautical miles = 18.50 EUR per person, above 5 nautical miles = 32 EUR per person. The price adjustment is reserved.

Specific category is the offer of jeep safari for off-road car lovers. The adventurers can reach the more untouched parts of our beautiful Dalmatia this way. 

Agrotourism and gastrotourism:

Do you want to see what a real Dalmatian farm looks like? Would you like to taste a piece of good fresh Dalmatian sheep cheese, or a well dried and cut Dalmatian ham called pršut? We will be more than happy to arrange for you this gastronomic experience combined with ham, olives, cheese and/or quality red and white "vrhunj" wine tasting. And a check question at the end – did you know that Šibenik and its closest vicinity offer an excellent gastronomic experience also in two Michelin Guide awarded facilities – a restaurant and a konoba?

Burn-out programs:

The last category is a special category of the so called burnout programs, focused on individual clients or company clients and their managers. In general, the target group are people who due to being overworked and burnout, or due to any other personal reasons are in an inevitable need of changing their environment and daily routine. For such cases of burnout we offer a unique opportunity to take a break – kayaking tours along near and more distant islands of the Šibenik Archipelago, for an optional number of days. As already mentioned, the Šibenik Archipelago consists of approximately 250 islands, out of which only 6 are inhabited! Based on the individual needs of the client, this program can be literally tailored as a Robinsonian version of the Bear Grylls TV show (sleepovers on a mostly desert islands in a sleeping bag, eating what can be hunted and caught), a version with a classic accommodation and board in verified small hotels on the selected islands (the kayaking tour will thus be adjusted), or even a combination of the both (one night in a sleeping bag, one night in civilisation, etc.).

We are talking mostly about rotations lasting one or two weeks, while one week is a minimum for the program to bring its desired impact. Also, even though the customer is always right, we insist that throughout the whole duration of the burnout program, the client has their mobile switched off and they do not carry along any other IT devices (notebooks, laptops, tablets, etc.).

During the whole time, a kayaking guide will be available to the client. Besides kayaking skills, professional approach and knowledge of the environment and weather conditions, the guide will also have a basic psychological training and be empathetic enough to judge when to speak and when to be quiet. The client is free to state their preferences and expectations in advance, and the guide will fully adjust to them (if the guide will be expected to keep quiet the whole week, they will do so). Naturally, full kayaking gear, pertinent services and the so called survival package will be provided.

Neither MacGyver or Bear Grylls skills, nor advanced paddling or kayaking skills are a prerequisite for participation in the burnout program. The only condition is that the client can swim and has a positive attitude in regards to the program.

The price for a burnout program will be calculated individually and will be part of a personalised tailor-made offer that meets the requests of the respective client, either a company or an individual client. This offer will be drafted so that the burnout program is maximally effective.

Personal assistance and help within process of real estate's buying in Croatia:

According to our local environment knowledge and experiences with buy and sell of immovable properties in Croatia, we can offer personal assistence and help on the place with buying of  the house, appartment/flat or parcel ("kuča", "apartman"/"stan" or "zemljište") in Šibenik-Knin county. Our additional value  in the process of intermmediation of real estate buying is personal guidance, observation and recommendations, transfering of local environment customs knowledge, potential translation on the place within observations (we speak Slovak, Czech, English and Croatian) as well as the cooperation with local reliable real estate agency, which we can offer you. After successful buying of real estate we charge intermmediation fee at market price (depending on real estate and other conditions), which, besides the fee for local real estate agency and croatian state tax, is the only one, which will increase the final price of your real estate.