Hikes for everyone


One of the big assets of the Northern Dalmatia region is a vast range of hiking options – from trivial walks through light hiking tours up to climbing the highest peak of Croatia, as well as the so called ferratas and rock climbing activities.

We will provide you with the necessary logistics, knowledge of the local area and terrain, as well as the guidance on the hike itself (we would like to highlight this is not a professional mountaineering guidance. Rock climbing tours, climbing an artificial wall and the so called via ferratas fall under a separate category and are realised under the supervision of an experienced instructor).

Below we list some selected hikes with an indication of the level of difficulty (UL = ultralight, L = light, M = medium, D = difficult) and type (C = coastal trekking: islands, coastline, M = mountain trekking: mountains, canyons, inland):

-the nearest hike from Tribunj: hike Sovlje/Ivinj via the coastal ridge Kamena with the highest peak of 192 m asl (C, L), -climbing the Rt Kremik on Kip Gospe od Loreta near Primošten with a stunning view, combined with a visit of Primošten afterwards (C,L). -climbing the Klepac hill (169 m asl) on the Zlarin island with a view of the sea and surrounding islands, followed by a tour around the village Zlarin (C,L), -hike to the Mys Ražanj and Punta Planka, followed by a visit of the yacht village Rogoznica (C,L), -hiking the range of the Prvič island with stops in both island villages and possible swim in one of the bays (C,L), -a very light hike or better a walk along the scenic path in the channel of St. Ante, followed by a tour of the historical city Šibenik (C, UL) – here you can also try out basic rock climbing on the natural small wall next to the water, -a hike in the canyon of river Čikola which is an inflow of the river Krka on the border of the Krka National Park (M, M), -climbing the plain Promina with the highest mountain Čavnovka (1,147 m asl), followed by a visit of the town Drniš and an option to taste the best pršut in Croatia (M, L), -adventurous via ferrata/rock climbing in the Čikola river canyon (M, D), -hiking in the Paklenica National Park and her small and big canyon (different difficulty levels), -possibility of mountain hiking in less commercial (but maybe more interesting) areas of south parts of Velebit mountain (f.e. Crnopac route and staza Mali Princ, MM), -possibility to try basic rock climbing on an artificial tower in Vodice, under the supervision of an experienced instructor, in the St.Ante channel or on the walls directly above the water near Zaton village (possibility of joining with kayaking into the very interesting tour), -climbing the highest mountain of Croatia – mountain Dinara 1,831 m asl (M,M) with a possibility (depending on the timing) to stop at the Krčič waterfall (the highest in Croatia) on the way back and soothing tired feet in the ice cold spring of the river Cetina.


The total price of the respective mountain hiking trip is calculated upon request, and consultations with the client based on their requirements – the total price per person depends on the extent to which the microbus capacity is filled and the distance of the hiking location in question. Other possible expenses such as ferry tickets, entrance fees to NP or other fees are borne by the client themselves. Prices pertinent to via ferrata climbs, guided rock climbing tours, and testing rock climbing equipment on an artificial wall in Vodice fall under a distinct category. The price adjustment is reserved. The operator has the right to cancel tours, without notice, at their discretion, depending on the weather and natural conditions. All safety instructions from operator’s staff must be adhered to.