With a paddle in your hand and a smile on your face

Kayaking and paddleboarding

Tribunj and its vicinity offer a wide range of options for kayaking, from sea kayaking to river kayaking.


Apart from kayaks and paddling accessories rentals we offer organisation of kayaking trips with a standard duration from 4 to 8 hours. The vicinity of Tribunj is unique for its diverse coastline, a number of bays, as well as near and more distant islands. The Šibenik Archipelago comprises of approximately 250 islands, out of which only 6 are inhabited!

A paddle is enough to get to visit the island Prvič that together with its villages Prvič Šepurine and Prvič Luka represents a historical and cultural landmark. You can see the whole island within a half day long trip. There are other options – the wild and uninhabited islands of Tijat and Zmajan, where you can bathe in one of their crystal clear bays. Or you may be interested in getting to know better the historical Zlarin – the island of corals, or Krapanj – the island of sea sponge divers. We should not forget to mention the possibility of kayaking around the unoccupied islands of Prišnjak and Sovljak, at whose cliffs it pays off to cast a fishing rod – you may enlarge your crew for the way back and get some praise for an impromptu but fresh dinner. If you could not make up your mind yet, we will make it even harder by mentioning the nearby mysterious and desert island Logorun, occupied by the German army during the WWII that have built not only a concrete pier and a simple shelter in one of the island’s bays, but also a bunker fortification cut into the hard and durable rock. At the pier you can close a bet with your buddies who will be the first with a snorkel and goggles to discover an unexploded naval mine resting on the bottom of the bay as a legacy of the old war times. The winner gets a cooled evening Karlovačko beer.

Oh, and we completely forgot about the man-made St. Nikolas fortification and the nature-made St. Ante channel that protect the entrance to Šibenik from the sea – it is a pleasure to experience them from a kayak seat. Kayaking at the diverse and beautiful shores of Murter with an open sea view and Kornati islands on horizon are a distinct chapter of sea kayaking.


Only several kilometres from Tribunj, in Šibenik, the river Krka flows into the sea. She starts her journey in the inland Dinaric mountains, creating a system of cascades, waterfalls and photogenic canyons past the town of Knin, to eventually lose her battle with gravitation and lose herself in the Adriatic sea. Lush vegetation and a number of historical buildings, ruins and monasteries are witnesses to this theatre play. Naturally, so much beauty at one place called for establishing a national park. Due to this fact, our kayaking in the region is concentrated in two sites just outside the border of the national park, where one can enjoy the beautiful canyon of the river Krka, swim at her clean beaches, and after such refreshment, take a walk in the streets of the historical Skradin or Zaton, and complete the experience with a nice cup of afternoon coffee.

Visit of river Zrmanja or her beautiful inflow Krupa belong to more time-consuming whole day kayaking trips. Getting to know so much beauty at one place may even ask for two or three days of kayaking – you will be enchanted by the surrounding nature, cascades, small waterfalls or occasional small rapids. And if you need to cool yourself in the heat of the summer, just take a swim and change the salty water for a fresh one for a while. To conclude, as you will be sailing through the breathtaking and arid Zrmanja canyon, you will get the feeling you are in the Wild West. And then it will hit you – you are there indeed, these are the shooting locations of the most famous parts of the Winnetou movies.


Rental – SEA kayak/double kayak – whole day
Rental – SEA kayak/double kayak – half a day
Rental – SOT kayak/double kayak – whole day
Rental – SOT kayak/double kayak – half a day
Rental – SUP paddleboard – half a day/whole day
Kayak trip: Sea, coastline, islands (min 2 people, max 10/8 people)
44eur/40eur (SEA/SOT)
River Krka – short variant (Zaton) – minimum 2 people, maximum 8 people
River Krka – long variant (Skradin) – minimum 2 people, maximum 8 people
River Krupa/Zrmanja – full day trip (minimum 4 people, maximum 8 people)
78eur (57eur for child)
Special kayak trips: sunset cruises, tours with sleepover, historical
Due to circumstances and conditions price on request

The prices are for piece (rental) or for person (trip). The price for kayak or paddleboard rental includes a paddle, a seat, a vest and a waterproof barrel, in case of Zrmanja and Krupa trips also a helmet (in this case lunch incl.as well). Besides the aforementioned gear rental the prices for kayaking trips comprise the management and logistics services, including a comfortable transportation from and back to Tribunj, a local experienced kayaking guide, insurance, 0.5 l of water, and the trip itself, meticulously tailored to the needs and requests of the group of clients.More specific demands from clients will be subject to consultation, agreement and flexible on spot selection of the location or type of the kayaking trip. Subsequently, the final price will be established. The price adjustment is reserved. The operator has the right to cancel tours, without notice, at their discretion, depending on the weather or sea/river conditions. All safety instructions from operator’s staff must be adhered to.